The Renaissance Project LA

Celebrating Our First Ten Years

Upper Ninth Ward Farmers Market

One morning, I called Greta Gladney wanting to get some information about the Renaissance Project. I wanted to do something in the community but not duplicate efforts. As a result of the conversation, I decided to volunteer with the Renaissance Project. My volunteering was very short because a position became available for Project Manager of the St. Claude Avenue Main Street. I thought this was perfect because I was going to be able to impact the community in business development, economic growth and sustainability, guidance and wonderful and healthy social events. This perfect plan became a reality in November 2006.

As Project Manager, I was actively involved in other projects that Renaissance Project was running. It was a wonderful experience working together along side people who were really passionate about their work. Our projects consisted of providing healthy food at affordable prices, employing local farmers and prepared food makers, assisting city government develop policy for the area, building business and personal relationships and educating neighbors and business owners. This was all hard work but it was definitely worth every minute. I worked with some wonderful individuals that were empowered to come to work because we supported one another and had fun doing it.”

Kina B. Joshua