The Renaissance Project LA

Celebrating Our First Ten Years

Greta Gladney, Visionary

Photo by Gus Bennett

I’m just trying to set an example of commitment to collective and shared responsibility among fellow human beings for overall quality of life and hoping a few others who think it’s a good idea will get some other folks on board.”

I am a daughter (Iris), mom (Danielle, Adrienne, Stephen, Jamie), grandma (Johnavin, Dorian, Niyah, Mauriyonna), wife (Jim), entrepreneur and dream weaver.

In 2001, I founded the Renaissance Project, a nonprofit community development corporation based in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Corporate social responsibility and progressive business play a part in the Renaissance Project. We set an example by paying a living wage. Our fifty summer youth employment program interns earn $10 per hour, the lowest wage we pay across the organization.

Our employees are typically scheduled to work no more than 30 hours per week because they need time to spend with and take care of their families during the week, not just on weekends. “Corporate social responsibility” is the basis of our work to improve quality of life in New Orleans’ communities of color. We work with people through one on one relationships, partnerships with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and social service agencies to improve living conditions for everybody.